What Is The Difference Between Homicide And Murder In PA?

Some Pennsylvanians use the terms “murder” and “homicide” interchangeably. While these terms are also frequently used interchangeably in television crime dramas, they are not synonymous and instead have different legal definitions. Criminal homicide is an umbrella term that includes many different types of offenses, including… read more

Penalties For Carrying Firearms Without A License In Pennsylvania

Serving South Eastern Pennsylvania and Philadelphia While Pennsylvania has an open carry policy for firearms, it is illegal to carry a firearm that is concealed on your person or in your vehicle. Certain people are also prohibited from possessing or owning firearms under any circumstances…. read more

How To Beat A Gun Charge In PA

While Pennsylvania’s gun laws are relatively lenient, there are multiple firearms charges that could result in serious penalties and felony convictions. In Pennsylvania, gun crimes are normally based on violations of laws prohibiting the possession of firearms by certain people, carrying a concealed weapon without… read more

Persons Not To Possess A Firearm

While many people in Pennsylvania own firearms, certain people are prohibited from owning or possessing them under federal or state law. If you have been convicted of certain types of offenses or meet certain other criteria, you could face additional charges if you own or… read more

Can You Have A Firearm In Your House Without A License In PA?

While Pennsylvania is an open-carry state for firearms, carrying a concealed firearm without a license can result in criminal charges and serious penalties. People can avoid these types of charges by applying for a concealed-carry license in the state if they are at least 21… read more

Can A Strangulation Charge Be Dropped In PA?

Many strangulation cases filed in Pennsylvania involve allegations of domestic violence. When the alleged victim of a strangulation offense has a specific relationship with the alleged perpetrator, the case might be considered to be a domestic violence offense. Some people who are charged with strangulation… read more

What Is Considered Simple Assault?

Simple assault is a common criminal charge filed in Pennsylvania. You can be charged with simple assault in several different situations. If you are charged with this offense, you should talk to a criminal defense lawyer at DiCindio Law to learn about the options you… read more

Drug Delivery Resulting In Death

In Pennsylvania, some people believe that if they sell drugs, the worst thing that could happen is that they might be prosecuted with possession with the intent to distribute drugs. While drug sales and possession with the intent to distribute drugs carry harsh penalties, people… read more

What Is Strangulation Law?

In Pennsylvania, a strangulation charge is very serious. If you are charged with strangulation, the penalties you might face will depend on the situation, your relationship to the alleged victim, and any other offense with which you might also be charged. People who are charged… read more

First Offense Gun Charge in PA

In Pennsylvania, it is legal for adults to openly carry firearms without having to get a permit. All citizens have a constitutional right to carry arms to defend themselves. However, not everyone in Pennsylvania is allowed to own, possess, or carry guns and may not… read more