Understanding Statutory Rape Charges In PA

In Pennsylvania, most people who hear the phrase “statutory rape” envision a scenario involving a teacher having sex with an underage student. However, statutory sexual assault charges can be filed against people in many different situations. If you are facing a charge of statutory sexual… read more

What is the Difference Between Rape and Sexual Assault in PA?

Criminal sex offenses differ from state to state and similarly named offenses in different states might refer to different acts. For example, Pennsylvania distinguishes between the offenses of sexual assault and rape. By contrast, a sexual assault in Arizona refers to rape. If you are… read more

What Happens When You Register As A Sex Offender?

In Pennsylvania, people who are convicted of certain types of sex offenses are required to register as sex offenders. The state’s registration laws divide sex offenders into three categories based on the risk of re-offending as determined by a sex offender evaluation that people must… read more