What Does “Bar” Stand for in “Bar Exam” or “Bar Association”?

Few terms evoke as much curiosity as the word “Bar” when used to refer to “Bar exams” or “Bar Associations.” People often wonder what “Bar” means in these contexts. Is it an acronym, or does it have a different connotation?  The history behind this three-letter… read more

Are Police Scanners Legal in Pennsylvania?

Despite the advent and proliferation of social media, online news sources, and other technological advances, many Pennsylvania residents still like to tune into their police scanners to see what their local law enforcement is up to. The use of police scanners is not welcomed by… read more

Pennsylvania Gun Laws

Most Pennsylvania residents can legally possess a gun. However, there are some restrictions on the purchase and possession. Violating these restrictions can result in criminal convictions and significant jail time.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse. That’s why it is important to fully understand… read more