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DiCindio Law, LLC is a West Chester Criminal Defense firm that focuses its practice on criminal law and defending individuals charged with crimes in Chester County and the surrounding areas. Mike DiCindio, the owner of the firm, represents individuals charged with crimes including DUI and drunk driving offenses, drug crimes, theft, and violent offenses such as simple and aggravated assault. He will personally handle all aspects your case. With a hands-on and individualized approach to representation, Mike’s clients receive open communication with Mike directly – not an associate. He strives to aggressively represent and defend his clients and their interests while charging reasonable fees with flexible payment options. The attention and time you receive when you first meet with Mike to review your case will be the same attention you will receive any other time throughout the course of your case. As a client, you will receive all of the information needed to participate in your defense and make crucial decisions about how to proceed. If the only option is the fight your case at trial, Mike will personally prepare and handle your case and fight to get you justice.


Ashley Csanady of SiriusXM’s National Post Radio recently interviewed Michael DiCindio regarding Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial. Listen to the entire interview as Michael shares his thoughts and perspectives on this regional case with a national spotlight.


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Being charged with a crime can have consequences in numerous aspects of one’s life. Your liberty, money, job and reputation are all potentially impacted. It is crucial to have an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney by your side from the start to protect your legal rights and interests, to fight for you, and to help attain the best outcome in your case. As a former prosecutor, Mike DiCindio understands what goes into a criminal case. He understands what the Commonwealth will do, who they will likely call as witnesses, and how they will argue certain legal theories that give rise to criminal liability to someone charged with a crime. Allowing his experience to work for you – Mike uses his experience to pre pare an aggressive and thorough defense strategy and to insure that each case has been fully evaluated before deciding or advising his client on the best way to proceed.


By the time someone has been charged with a crime the Commonwealth has typically developed and discovered the majority of the evidence that they will use in the prosecution.  For the person being charged, there is not a moment to waste.  Witnesses must be interviewed, evidence must be preserved and rights must be protected.  It is important to immediately retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who is ready to take action immediately.  The more thorough and complete a criminal defense strategy is, the better results a person facing prosecution will have.  Be it having the case dismissed or mitigating or avoiding the most severe consequences in the most effective and complete manner – a proper defense must start immediately.


When you have been charged with a crime, call Mike DiCindio directly.  He will schedule a completely free consultation to discuss your case and will be flexible to accommodate your schedule.  His goal is to provide you with individualized representation at affordable and reasonable prices.  With flexible payment options, you can afford to have Mike fighting for you.  He is a tireless advocate who believes that everyone charged with a crime deserves complete and competent representation.  Let his experience work for you and let his hard work help guide you through this most important time.

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