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Get a former Chester County prosecutor to fight for you.

Attorney Mike DiCindio isn’t just another defense attorney. From the moment he wanted to be a lawyer, he knew that he wanted to defend people who were fighting to keep their freedom.

He always knew that he wanted to provide his clients better accessibility, responsiveness, and personal client service that they couldn’t find anywhere else.

That’s why he’s the West Chester criminal defense lawyer that you’ll want fighting for you if you’re under investigation or if you’ve been charged with a crime.

Don’t risk your future by hiring just any attorney when you’re possibly facing jail time, hefty fines, a permanent criminal record, and possibly losing your job and your reputation. Get DiCindio Law on your side today. Call now for a free consultation.

Aggressive. Experienced. Knowledgeable.

Attorney Mike DiCindio fiercely represents you as if he’s fighting to protect his own family’s freedom and dignity.

He put in his time at the Chester County District Attorney’s office so that he could understand how prosecutors work.

He knows what motivates them. He knows how to anticipate their next move. And he uses it all to your advantage.

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Client Reviews

I’ve unfortunately dealt with way too many lawyers for a lifetime, but fortunately in my journey of legal trouble I came across Mike. Regardless of the outcome of my case, he has helped me and genuinely been by my side and you can feel how bad he wants to win with you. He’s very real and has reached out to me to clarify every step of the process and values pros and cons to the routes to take in the case and leads it up to you. He is a really good person and is the best at his job hands down. I felt compelled to write this review even though my case isn’t finalized because regardless of the outcome I know that picking Mike DiCindio was the right choice, and I hope you make that choice too.

Hayden T.

Mr. DiCindio was recommended to me through another, highly regarded attorney, who had been opposing counsel in a high-profile case. Mr. DiCindio’s brilliant, legal mind as well as his unsurpassed integrity is a rare find in the world of law, especially criminal defense. He not only spent countless hours learning and researching every minut detail of my case, but he treated me with the utmost respect and always made sure I was fully informed in regards to any possible outcome. Mr. DiCindio never neglected to immediately respond to any communication from me and I knew he was genuinely concerned for my welfare. He didn’t just know the generalities of my case, but remembered every, tiny, detail and would openly discuss the legal realities with me at length. I cannot recommend Mr. DiCindio highly enough and he is beyond reproach in regards to his ethics, legal knowledge his top-notch courtroom demeanor. Above all, as a client he will fight for you 500% and treat you with nothing less than kindness and dignity. I was very, very lucky to have him as my counsel as I know, without a doubt, my case would have had a very different and negative outcome.


I contacted Mr. DiCindio in February of 2021 after getting into some trouble for the first time in my adult life. I was worried and didn’t know where to turn. I had reached out to a number of attorneys without yielding a response. I located Mr. DiCindio via google and submitted an inquiry online. Requested a call at 4 pm on a Sunday. At exactly 4 pm on Sunday, Mr. DiCindio reached out to discuss my case. From the moment I began speaking with Mr. DiCindio, I knew I was in good hands. He thoroughly explained my charges and went the extra mile to make sure I understood everything pertaining to my case. After my initial call with Mr. DiCindio, I felt very confident and retained his services. From that point forward we were in regular communication forming a plan to tackle my case. Mr. DiCindio was very transparent throughout the entire case process and worked with me to remedy all parties involved with my case – all the while providing me with much-needed peace of mind. I was able to take care of everything required prior to my court date. Mr, DiCindio successfully got my charges withdrawn without cost and I was able to move on with my life. In conclusion, I was extremely satisfied with Mr. DiCindio’s representation and would highly recommend him to anyone that requires legal representation or advice.


This man worked magic and I mean magic. My family member was looking at an out of state felony charge along with prison time and somehow he got it down to a misdemeanor and probation. Wow. He was there for us in one of our family’s darkest times. He answered the phone every time and if he didn’t he called back immediately. He never rushed you off the phone, always had an answer for your question and was confident when he spoke. He knew his sh*t. He’s a young, intelligent lawyer. He tells you your reality, he’s real with you and does not sugar coat but he also has great bed side manner, doesn’t judge you and let’s you know what you need to do to help him get you the best results. So incredibly glad and thankful we had him as our lawyer, we got to keep our family member and that’s worth every penny


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Former Chester County Prosecutor In Your Corner

We Fight for You Like Family

Attorney Mike DiCindio’s goal in becoming an attorney was to stand up for the rights of people whose freedom is threatened by the justice system. He began by learning the tactics of the prosecution.

While in the Chester County District Attorney’s office, he handled a wide range of cases. From your preliminary hearing all the way through an appeal if necessary, Mike is equipped to handle your case.

As a prosecutor, he gained a reputation for successfully handling misdemeanor and felony jury and bench trials, grand jury proceedings, post-conviction relief hearings, and appeals.

Attorney Mike DiCindio’s extensive knowledge of how the DA’s office operates is more valuable to your case than you can imagine. The added advantage of defending cases in the very county where he prosecuted cases is the edge you need when your freedom is at stake.

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Recent Results in Southeastern Pennsylvania

We work hard to get our clients the best possible outcomes in their criminal cases – and our results are a testament to that.

Attempted Homicide

Complaining witness stabbed with a knife in the chest and head. Client was charged with Attempted Homicide which was dismissed after litigation at the preliminary hearing. Case later resolved a misdemeanor probationary sentence.


Prescription Drug Fraud Case – Charges Withdrawn

Client charged in a state-wide, 10 co-defendant case. After Mike DiCindio completed a detailed pre-trial investigation into the client’s alibi employing the use of digital forensics – all charges were withdrawn prior to reaching a hearing.


Major Theft Case

Client stole over 200,000 dollars from a local municipality. Client sentenced to probation despite Commonwealth advocating for a lengthy jail sentence at sentencing.


Aggravated Assault

Man charged with assaulting police in his home. All charges were withdrawn prior to preliminary hearing.


Felony Falsification on Firearms Application

Client charged with intentional misrepresentation of information on a Federal and State firearm application form. All charges were withdrawn prior to preliminary hearing.



Client alleged to have strangled a significant other during argument. Case was resolved with a summary offense prior to trial but after contentious preliminary hearing.



Client accused of burglarizing a deceased friend’s home. All charges were withdrawn.


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DiCindio Law is Different

From the minute you meet Attorney Mike DiCindio, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. He’s passionate about defending individuals who have been accused of crimes of all types.

You Have Our Attention

Attorney Mike DiCindio gives every client his undivided attention. He listens carefully and answers every question thoroughly. He will personally handle your case from beginning to end.

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Tough Trial Lawyer

We fight hard for you from the moment we take your case. We challenge evidence. We don’t back down. Your future is at stake. We know the outcome of your case is the most important thing in your life right now. We take the responsibility seriously.

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Honest Advice

Mike DiCindio has an unmatched reputation for his integrity, knowledge, and hard work. He’s a straight shooter who never stops strategizing about your case. If he wouldn’t recommend something to his family, he won’t recommend it to his clients.

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We’re Here 24/7

When you learn you’re being investigated or charged with a crime, your life changes in an instant. You can count on us to be available and responsive when you need us.

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We’ll Protect Your Rights

Countless violations of rights are made all the time in criminal cases. That puts innocent people behind bars and it punishes people with more severe consequences than they deserve. Hiring the right West Chester criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference in your future. If the police arrested you without probable cause, seized evidence illegally, or otherwise violated your rights, they don’t have the right to move forward with your case.

You can count on DiCindio Law to analyze every aspect of the investigation to look for violations. If we find that your rights were violated, we may be able to get certain evidence or even your whole case thrown out.

We’ll Challenge the Evidence

The prosecution will try to build a narrative that fits the evidence they have. We’ll tell your story. We’ll challenge every piece of evidence. We’ll look for holes in their witnesses’ statements. We’ll look for alternative theories. We’ll track down everything we can to support your alibi. Whatever it takes, we think day and night about how to build and strengthen your defense.

You Can Trust Our Advice

Sometimes you’ll need to decide whether to accept a plea deal or go to trial. We’ll lay out all the pros and cons of every decision you need to make throughout your entire case. Our founding attorney’s extensive experience in prosecuting tough cases gives him valuable insight into what you can expect in your case.

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You Can Trust Us With Your Future

DiCindio Law has consistently been recognized for its commitment to working tirelessly to get justice for its clients.

Some distinctions include:

  • Super Lawyers, 2022
  • Super Lawyers – Rising Stars, 2019-2020
  • 10 Best for Client Satisfaction, American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys
  • Top 10 Under 40, National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Main Line Today Top Lawyer, 2017-2021
  • Suburban Life Top Attorney

When your future is on the line, don’t waste valuable time. Call the West Chester defense lawyers at DiCindio Law to start building your case today. We represent clients throughout Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Bucks County, Philadelphia County.

We’ll jump in and find witnesses, review and challenge the evidence against you, and search for anything that we can use to fight your charges.

Not Just Another Case

We know that the charges against you don’t define you. You’re a person who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. The state sees you as just another potential statistic it can waive in front of the public. Not us. When you partner with us to build your defense, we fight for you as if you’re a member of our own family.

Past clients consistently express gratitude for the responsiveness and personal attention that we gave to their case.

Most importantly, we’re often able to obtain a lesser sentence or outright dismissal of their charges. Our hard work, relentless negotiation skills, and our meticulous knowledge of your case and the law put you in the position to get the best possible outcome in your case. 

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DiCindio Law West Chester Criminal Defense Attorney

Meet West Chester Criminal Defense Attorney Mike DiCindio

Attorney Mike DiCindio has successfully handled criminal cases for more than a decade. He’s committed to developing a personalized strategy for each client.

DiCindio Law doesn’t shy away from tough cases. If you’ve been charged with a serious crime, you’re facing life-changing consequences. Attorney Mike DiCindio is the West Chester criminal defense lawyer you can trust to fight for your future just like he’s fighting for his own family. 

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