Drug-Related DUI: How Law Enforcement, Prosecutors Prove Impairment

In Pennsylvania, people can be arrested and charged with DUIs when they are under the influence of an intoxicating substance, including illegal or prescription drugs. While most people understand that the legal limit for driving in the state is 0.08% for alcohol, they might not… read more

Are The Penalties The Same For DUIs Involving Prescription Medication?

According to the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University, 131 million adults in the U.S. take prescription medications. As people grow older, they take more prescription drugs to treat a variety of health conditions. With so many adults taking legally prescribed drugs in the nation,… read more

What happens when you drive under the influence of drugs?

Many people are charged with driving under the influence in Pennsylvania each year. Commonly, people who are charged with DUI offenses do not have previous experience with the criminal justice system or any previous criminal records. There are multiple types of DUI charges in Pennsylvania… read more

Do I Have To Tell My Employer About A Drug DUI Offense?

After getting arrested for a drug DUI offense, you may be wondering if you will be able to keep your job after an arrest. While there is always the possibility that you could lose your job, it is also dependent upon what kind of job… read more

But my doctor said . . .Controlled Substance and Drug DUI Cases in Pennsylvania

Many people commonly thing of DUI as “drunk driving” or “driving while intoxicated.” For many, that is solely associated with driving while under influence of alcohol. While alcohol related DUI offenses do make up a large portion of the DUI cases seen in the Pennsylvania… read more