Are They Credible? Impeach The Witness

The trial binder is complete, the opening ready, the closing prepped and the jurors are in the jury box.  It is time now to go through the process our justice system calls a trial.  Both sides have a chance to present evidence – through the… read more

Pre-charge Investigations . . . Do I need an attorney now?

Every day in our society crimes are investigated by law enforcement officers and prosecutors. During the course of pre-charge investigations it is common for a police officer to attempt to speak to the “target” of the investigation. Other times, investigating grand juries may be utilized… read more

I Finished The ARD Program, Is My Expungement Finished Too?

Many people who are charged with first offense DUI cases are accepted into the ARD Program in the county in which they were arrested. While they may be aware of it, oftentimes upon completion of the program, these individuals do not proceed to have the records… read more

But my doctor said . . .Controlled Substance and Drug DUI Cases in Pennsylvania

Many people commonly thing of DUI as “drunk driving” or “driving while intoxicated.” For many, that is solely associated with driving while under influence of alcohol. While alcohol related DUI offenses do make up a large portion of the DUI cases seen in the Pennsylvania… read more

DUI Refusal Suspensions . . . In addition to the DUI suspension?

Driving under the Influence (DUI) cases in Pennsylvania carry with them the possibility of harsh mandatory incarceration penalties, mandatory fines, and the added collateral civil consequence of license suspensions. When someone is arrested for DUI and is asked to submit to a chemical test of… read more

DUI Suspensions and more – License Options

In Pennsylvania, there are many offenses that, if convicted, carry with them a license suspension for the offender. DUI, certain levels of speeding, possession of a controlled substance and even underage drinking are a few of these offenses. When someone has a DUI suspension or… read more

DUI Law – Push for Ignition Interlock for First Offense DUI

Recently, there has been word that there will be a renewed push for new legislation requiring first time DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock system in their vehicle once convicted. Currently, this is not a requirement to a first offense DUI sentence in Pennsylvania…. read more

Use and Abuse of Leading Questions: What are they and when are they allowed?

Everyday, in criminal courts across Pennsylvania, there is a fine line that is walked with what each lawyer believes is a “leading” question.  Before getting into court and litigating a matter, any matter, it is important for an attorney to understand what a leading question… read more

Pennsylvania DUI Defense: Top Three Arguments

When someone has been arrested and charged with a DUI offense in West Chester, or anywhere in Pennsylvania – there are three types of common DUI defense arguments (among others) to the DUI charges. Theses three general DUI defenses are: The Law The Facts The… read more

Pennsylvania Criminal Process Explained for Parents: Daily Local News Q&A

Mike DiCindio explains Pennsylvania Criminal process for parents with Julia Sherwin, Perspective on Parenting Columnist for the Daily Local News as well as host of a weekly radio show on WCHE 1520 a.m., “Perspectives on Parenting with Julia Sherwin” caught up with Criminal Defense Attorney Michael… read more