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West Chester Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Have you been charged with a crime in West Chester? In order to get through this hard time, you’ll need a trustworthy, caring lawyer on your side. That’s why you should hire Mike DiCindio of DiCindio Law to be your West Chester criminal defense attorney.

From violent crimes to sex offenses to traffic offenses, getting charges on your record can permanently damage your life. When you work with Mike DiCindio, you’ll have the highest chance of upholding your money, your job, your reputation, and your freedom. No matter what the nature of the case, he’ll work hard to get you whatever defense you’re entitled to.

Mike handles cases in many areas of practice, including:

• Violent crimes
• Criminal law
• Drug offenses
• Driving under the influence (DUI)
• Theft offenses
• Sex offenses
• College crimes
• ARD and diversionary programs
• Expungements
• Traffic offenses
• Probation and parole violations
• Personal injury


With reasonable prices and a flexible schedule, Mike DiCindio is a West Chester criminal defense lawyer who truly suits everyone. At every meeting, you’ll speak with Mike directly. He’ll encourage you to engage in open communication with him so that he can fully understand your case. Using this thorough, individualized approach, he’ll structure an aggressive defense plan for you.

Not only is Mike efficient, but he’s also fast. He recognizes that there is no time to waste in the justice system. In order to protect your rights, Mike will maintain any available evidence for your case. After your initial consultation, he’ll begin creating a defense strategy immediately. As the superior criminal defense attorney in West Chester, Mike will work diligently and quickly on every case that you bring to him.

Another factor that contributes to Mike’s outstanding service is his experience. As a former prosecutor, he is extremely familiar with the legal system. Mike knows how the Commonwealth chooses witnesses and argues legal theories, making him a great person to have on your side. Before advising you on the best move to make, he’ll consider all of the possible outcomes for the case. If you are taken to trial, Mike will stand with you and work tirelessly to defend your rights. That’s why he’s the criminal defense attorney West Chester citizens have turned to for years.


If you’re searching for the preferred criminal defense lawyer in West Chester, look no further than Mike DiCindio. Call Mike directly at 610-220-4691 today to set up your free initial consultation. He is available 24/7, and he’s ready to fight for you whenever you need him.

If you or a loved one is charged with one of Pennsylvania's violent crimes contact Chester County criminal lawyer Mike DiCindio today.

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Need to Chat About Your Case?
We’re Here to Help! Call (610) 890-7098

Need to Chat About Your Case?
We’re Here to Help!
Call (610) 890-7098

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