Is it Possible to Talk Your Way Out Of a DUI Ticket?

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What Happens When a Police Officer Gets a DUI?

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What To Do About A DUI Charge While Serving In The Military

If you serve in a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, being charged with a DUI can result in serious consequences. Military service members who are charged with DUIs on or off base could result in consequences in both civil court and within the military…. read more

Refusing DUI Tests: Can You Avoid the Penalty?

People who drive in Pennsylvania with blood alcohol concentrations of 0.08% or higher might be arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. After you drink alcohol, it is metabolized and enters your bloodstream. Some of the alcohol also goes to your lungs… read more

How to Increase Chances of Getting DUI Dropped or Dismissed

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Is It Legal To Avoid A DUI Checkpoint In Chester County, PA?

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What Are My Chances of Beating a First Offense DUI Case?

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First Offense DUIs in Chester County, Pennsylvania

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How Do I Challenge A DUI Blood Test In Chester County, PA?

If you have been charged with a Pennsylvania DUI after submitting to a blood test, you might think that you will be found guilty based on your results. However, blood tests are not infallible even though most people believe that they are. There are several… read more

Defenses to DUI and DWI Charges In Chester County, PA

Being charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania can be a frightening experience. If you are facing DUI charges, you might be scared about the consequences you might face. While the penalties for DUIs in Pennsylvania are severe, it is possible to defend against your charges… read more