The Basics of Assault and Battery Laws in Chester County, PA

In Pennsylvania, there is no distinct criminal charge for battery. The state uses different degrees of assault to cover actions that would constitute battery in other jurisdictions. It is essential to understand these charges, how they are defined legally, and what defenses may be available… read more

What Constitutes Assault Against A Officer?

Assault against an officer in Pennsylvania is a serious crime and can result in years in prison. Assaulting a police officer can transform what might otherwise be a misdemeanor simple assault into an aggravated felony assault and is considered to be a crime of violence…. read more

What Is Considered Simple Assault?

Simple assault is a common criminal charge filed in Pennsylvania. You can be charged with simple assault in several different situations. If you are charged with this offense, you should talk to a criminal defense lawyer at DiCindio Law to learn about the options you… read more

What Is Strangulation Law?

In Pennsylvania, a strangulation charge is very serious. If you are charged with strangulation, the penalties you might face will depend on the situation, your relationship to the alleged victim, and any other offense with which you might also be charged. People who are charged… read more

Assault vs. Battery in Pennsylvania: What’s the Difference?

The terms assault and battery are often used together in Pennsylvania. While battery is not a separate offense in the state’s criminal law, the statutes covering simple and aggravated assaults incorporate battery. Under the state’s civil tort laws, people can be sued for civil assault… read more

What Is A Simple Assault?

In Pennsylvania, some types of altercations can result in criminal charges for simple assault. A conviction for simple assault can leave you with a criminal record and cause other serious consequences. If you have been charged with simple assault, it is a good idea for… read more