What Is The Difference Between Acquittal and Dismissal?

Criminal charges can be resolved in a defendant’s favor in a few different ways. Two common ways that defendants can receive favorable outcomes are by being acquitted or by having the charges dismissed. While these both involve the charges ending, they may have different results…. read more

Why Are Criminal Charges Dropped or Dismissed?

Some people who are charged with crimes do not ever enter a plea or go to trial. Instead, the charges against them are dismissed by the judge or the prosecutor. One of the first things that a criminal defense lawyer will do is to evaluate… read more

Entrapment – I know the word, but what does it really mean?

It is not uncommon for someone who has been arrested to believe that they were entrapped. It is a word that is generally known, but not generally understood by those who are not involved in the criminal justice system. In order for an entrapment defense to… read more

Search Warrant – What is required and how is one challenged

Drug cases, gun cases and many other countless cases in the criminal system begin with a search warrant. At times, some of these cases also end with a search warrant. If a search warrant is involved in a criminal case, a criminal defense attorney should… read more

Pre-charge Investigations . . . Do I need an attorney now?

Every day in our society crimes are investigated by law enforcement officers and prosecutors. During the course of pre-charge investigations it is common for a police officer to attempt to speak to the “target” of the investigation. Other times, investigating grand juries may be utilized… read more

Use and Abuse of Leading Questions: What are they and when are they allowed?

Everyday, in criminal courts across Pennsylvania, there is a fine line that is walked with what each lawyer believes is a “leading” question.  Before getting into court and litigating a matter, any matter, it is important for an attorney to understand what a leading question… read more