My Kid Got Arrested in Pennsylvania, What Now?: Part II – Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

In part one of this two part article, I provided an overview of the criminal justice process in order to give a parent the ability to understand, in a general sense, what to expect if his or her child has been charged with a criminal… read more

My Kid Got Arrested, What Now?: Part I – The Pennsylvania Criminal Process For Parents

It is winter break. All the kids are home from college and the oldest of the group bought some beer. The party got out of control and the music got a bit loud. Now it’s the middle of the night and you, the parents, are… read more

The Officer Didn’t Read Miranda Warnings . . . Does the Case Go Away?

Many people believe the following statement: “they didn’t read me my Miranda warnings, so my case should go away”. The short reply to this is; likely not. But depending on the circumstances, the evidence, and whether the officers did actually violate the Miranda principles and… read more

PBT Tests – When Can the Results Be Used Against You?

A “PBT test”, or preliminary breath test, is a device that allows an officer to test a person’s blood alcohol concentration without transporting them for a formal breath or blood test. These PBT’s are typically utilized by officers in DUI, drunk driving and underage drinking… read more

Holiday Season = Parties, Drinks and DUI Checkpoints

With the holiday season fast approaching it is important to be aware that police officers in Chester County and elsewhere in the surrounding areas will be conducting DUI checkpoints. Police utilize sobriety checkpoints in their effort to enforce the drunk driving laws in the state,… read more

Per se DUI in Pennsylvania

Under the current Pennsylvania DUI Laws, the prosecution does not always need to prove that a driver was “impaired” or “intoxicated” while operating a motor vehicle in order to prove they were guilty of DUI. The Pennsylvania DUI statute as it currently stands provides for what… read more

Small Amount of Marijuana in Philadelphia

Possessing Small Amount of Marijuana now only a fine in Philadelphia New legislation in Philadelphia has gone into effect today minimizing the penalties of being caught with a small amount of marijuana. The goal behind the legislation is aimed at easing the punishment of offenders… read more

Prior Bad Acts, Crimes or Wrongs – Chester County Criminal Defense

Often times in a criminal case in Chester County, or any of the surrounding counties, prosecutors will attempt to introduce evidence of an accused’s prior bad acts, or evidence or other crimes. This can be devastating to a successful defense in a criminal case. This… read more

When can a Police Officer stop a car for suspicion of DUI / Drunk Driving?

 Under the vehicle code, a police officer in Chester County, or anywhere in Pennsylvania, may conduct an investigatory detention if he has reasonable suspicion to believe that a motorist violated a provision of the motor vehicle code.  (For example, he suspects the driver is committing… read more

Best Evidence – Writings, Recordings and Video Evidence

In many Chester County criminal cases evidence against the accused comes in the form of writings, recordings, or video evidence (surveillance videos). For example, a theft or retail theft case where the evidence of the theft was only observed on video. During a preliminary hearing… read more