What You Need to Know About DUI Classes in Pennsylvania

What You Need to Know About DUI Classes in Pennsylvania

If you are convicted of a DUI in Pennsylvania, part of your sentencing will most likely include having to attend DUI classes. How many hours of DUI classes you will have to attend will be up to the judge.

Under Pennsylvania law, for a first and a second DUI offense conviction, you will have to “attend an alcohol highway safety school approved by the department.” The most common Pennsylvania DUI class is online and lasts for 12.5 hours. Also, as one of your penalties, you will have to pay for the course out of pocket.

Before you enroll and register for the course, you must speak to your county’s DUI coordinator or probation officer to get approval to begin the course. Once you have registered and started the 12.5 hours, you will have 30 days to complete the course.

Chester County DUI Program

When you check with your probation officer or DUI coordinator, you may find out that the specific county has its own DUI classes that qualify under Pennsylvania law. For example, West Chester is in Chester County, which has its own DUI program

A lawyer who is familiar with DUI law will also be able to help you make sure you complete all aspects of your sentencing. 

What Will You Learn in the Pennsylvania DUI Classes?

The main thing that the classes will focus on is the danger of driving while intoxicated. You will be presented with information and examples of the life-changing results that could happen if you drive drunk. In many classes, law enforcement officers will be present to provide information as well.

Here are five things that you should take away from the classes:

Learn Better Decision-Making Techniques

One of the main causes of being arrested and convicted of a DUI is the poor decisions leading up to being stopped by the police. 

The classes will help you make better decisions about life in general and pinpoint times in your life when poor decisions were made so that you can learn from those situations. What caused you to make that particular decision? What information were you missing at that time? What emotions were you feeling at that time?

Learn Ways to Drink Responsibly

Not everyone arrested and convicted of a DUI has a drinking problem or should be considered an alcoholic. Currently, medical science doesn’t even use that term. The term doctors use is “alcohol abuse disorder.” 

In DUI classes, you will be taught techniques to recognize when you have had too much to drink. You’ll be taught to have a backup plan if you’re out and about and drinking so that you won’t have to drive home.

Do You Have Any Excess Drinking Triggers?

One area that the classes will focus on is the concept of having triggers that will start making you drink excessively. The classes will focus on spotting those triggers, so you can either avoid them or learn how to deal with them responsibly.

Having the Right Friends

In many cases, those arrested and convicted for DUI hang around with people who encourage risky behavior, such as drinking excessively and driving drunk. The classes will help you identify some people in your life who may not be good influences and may be more trouble than they are worth.

The Serious Potential Costs of DUI

A DUI conviction can result in a fine, having your license revoked, and even jail time. But there could be more serious repercussions if you hurt or even kill another human because of drinking and driving.

Contact a DUI Lawyer With Questions Regarding DUI Classes in Pennsylvania 

If you’re facing DUI charges or have already been convicted, it’s best to contact an experienced DUI lawyer to discuss your situation. 

If you haven’t been convicted, a DUI attorney will help you fight the charges and reduce the penalties you may face. If you’ve already been convicted but have questions regarding DUI classes or other aspects of your sentence, an attorney will help you navigate the process so that you can successfully complete your sentence. 

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