Mr. DiCindio was recommended to me through another, highly regarded attorney, who had been opposing counsel in a high-profile case. Mr. DiCindio’s brilliant, legal mind as well as his unsurpassed integrity is a rare find in the world of law, especially criminal defense. He not only spent countless hours learning and researching every minut detail of my case, but he treated me with the utmost respect and always made sure I was fully informed in regards to any possible outcome. Mr. DiCindio never neglected to immediately respond to any communication from me and I knew he was genuinely concerned for my welfare. He didn’t just know the generalities of my case, but remembered every, tiny, detail and would openly discuss the legal realities with me at length. I cannot recommend Mr. DiCindio highly enough and he is beyond reproach in regards to his ethics, legal knowledge his top-notch courtroom demeanor. Above all, as a client he will fight for you 500% and treat you with nothing less than kindness and dignity. I was very, very lucky to have him as my counsel as I know, without a doubt, my case would have had a very different and negative outcome.