Client accused of burglarizing a deceased friend’s home. All charges were withdrawn.


Client alleged to have strangled a significant other during argument. Case was resolved with a summary offense prior to trial but after contentious preliminary hearing.

Felony Falsification on Firearms Application

Client charged with intentional misrepresentation of information on a Federal and State firearm application form. All charges were withdrawn prior to preliminary hearing.

Aggravated Assault

Man charged with assaulting police in his home. All charges were withdrawn prior to preliminary hearing.

Major Theft Case

Client stole over 200,000 dollars from a local municipality. Client sentenced to probation despite Commonwealth advocating for a lengthy jail sentence at sentencing.

Prescription Drug Fraud Case – Charges Withdrawn

Client charged in a state-wide, 10 co-defendant case. After Mike DiCindio completed a detailed pre-trial investigation into the client’s alibi employing the use of digital forensics – all charges were withdrawn prior to reaching a hearing.

Attempted Homicide

Complaining witness stabbed with a knife in the chest and head. Client was charged with Attempted Homicide which was dismissed after litigation at the preliminary hearing. Case later resolved a misdemeanor probationary sentence.