Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

People can fall almost anywhere, including at home, at work, at a friend’s home, at a store, or church. Slipping or tripping and falling can result in serious injuries. Elderly adults are especially at risk of being injured in slip-and-fall accidents. According to the Centers… read more

What Is a Slip and Fall Injury?

A slip-and-fall accident is a type of personal injury case that happens when a person trips or slips and falls while they are visiting someone else’s property. Slip-and-fall cases are premises liability claims, and the property’s owner or operator may be liable to pay damages… read more

How Much is a Personal Injury Case Worth?

In personal injury lawsuits, the person wronged may claim damages based on their injuries that are caused by an accident for which another party is liable. This injured party is the plaintiff and will bring the suit against the person, persons, or organization that caused… read more

What Do I Need To Know About Slip And Fall / Premises Liability?

Hazardous conditions on a property can sometimes occur without warning. For example, a sinkhole could suddenly open and cause an accident without the property owner knowing about the potential danger. In other cases, property owners may be aware of a danger and choose to ignore… read more

Is There A Statute Of Limitations For Filing A Personal Injury Claim in PA?

No matter what type of accident you might have had in which you were injured because of the actions of another person or entity, you might be considering filing a personal injury claim in Pennsylvania. If you decide to file a claim in the civil… read more

What Is a Motion to Dismiss?

In a personal injury case, either party may file a motion asking the court to dismiss the case. In general, the party that most often files a motion to dismiss is the defendant to the lawsuit. Commonly, defendants will file motions to dismiss in the… read more