What are the Types of Bail?

Bail in Pennsylvania is meant to ensure that the Defendant appears in Court at all future proceedings. There are a few different types of bail that may be imposed – based upon the rules of criminal procedure. Some require that the Defendant post money to… read more

My Kid Got Arrested, What Now?: Part I – The Pennsylvania Criminal Process For Parents

It is winter break. All the kids are home from college and the oldest of the group bought some beer. The party got out of control and the music got a bit loud. Now it’s the middle of the night and you, the parents, are… read more

The Officer Didn’t Read Miranda Warnings . . . Does the Case Go Away?

Many people believe the following statement: “they didn’t read me my Miranda warnings, so my case should go away”. The short reply to this is; likely not. But depending on the circumstances, the evidence, and whether the officers did actually violate the Miranda principles and… read more

The Importance of the Preliminary Hearing

When someone is arrested in Pennsylvania and charged with state misdemeanor or felony crimes, the first court date that they will have to appear at is called the preliminary hearing (excluding the Philadelphia Court system). This will be scheduled in the magisterial district court that… read more