Am I Being Detained? 6 Questions You Should Ask During Interactions With the Police in West Chester

If you are stopped by police, asking certain questions can help you get on your way without being wrongfully accused of a crime. They can also help tee up a defense if you are ultimately charged with a crime. For instance, if the police give… read more

5 Things to Remember if You’re up Against False Accusations in Court in West Chester

In this blog, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney Michael DiCindio discusses 5 things to remember if you’re up against false accusations in court in West Chester. You Have the Right to Remain Silent and the Right to an Attorney The first of the 5 things to… read more

What Happens If You Get an Out of State Warrant for Arrest in Pennsylvania ?

Having a warrant issued against you in Pennsylvania is a serious matter. You should seek legal counsel right away. Some people fail to meet with an attorney despite having outstanding warrants. This is especially common when the warrant was issued in another state. They may… read more

Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion – What Is the Difference?

If you are stopped and briefly detained by a law enforcement officer, have your person or property searched by an officer, or are arrested, two important concepts in Pennsylvania’s criminal laws will be at play. Reasonable suspicion and probable cause are two different legal standards… read more

Criminal DUI Cases Vs. Civil Drunk Driving Lawsuits

Drunk driving accidents can leave victims with devastating injuries and permanently changed lives. While you might envision a person being arrested and charged with a DUI after an accident, a drunk or drugged driving collision can also result in civil liability. There is a large… read more

What You Need To Know About Drugged Driving in PA

In Pennsylvania, you can be charged with a DUI involving drugs. A DUI drug offense can be charged when you drive while impaired to the slightest degree by any type of drug, including prescription medications. You can also face a charge of driving under the… read more

The Burden of Proof in Criminal Cases vs. Personal Injury Cases

The burden of proof is an important concept that appears in criminal and personal injury cases. It refers to which party must bring evidence in support of their contentions. Generally speaking, the party bringing the lawsuit (the plaintiff) has the initial burden of proof; this… read more

Charged With Luring a Child into a Motor Vehicle or Structure In Pennsylvania

Luring a child into a structure or a motor vehicle is a serious crime in Pennsylvania and is considered to be a kidnapping offense. If you are convicted of this offense, it can have life-altering negative impacts that continue long after you have completed your… read more

Pennsylvania Points System: What You Need To Know

Getting a traffic ticket in West Chester, Pennsylvania can be more than a minor annoyance. When you are found guilty of committing a moving violation, you will receive points on your record from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The point system that is used in… read more

DiCindio Law, LLC opens newly renovated West Chester Office

Located in downtown West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania and built in 1900 – the firm’s building has undergone a top to bottom renovation/restoration with the idea of preserving and repairing the building to the beauty it once was and providing Mike’s client’s with a comfortable… read more