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Assault related charges often are centered around a fight, tussle, violent behavior, or threatening words or actions by one or more parties. When the government is investigating and deciding what charges are appropriate in these matters, they look to the level of injury, the level of injury intended by the actor, the words and actions used throughout, etc. These charges are also where you will typically see domestic violence or abuse charges. These cases are usually centered heavily around the complaining witness testimony and any corroborative evidence like photographs and eyewitness accounts. Depending on the level of injury and how the government alleges it was inflicted, doctors may be called in to testify about causation or permanency. You attorney should be reviewing any factual and legal defenses (including self-defense) while also determining if an expert may be needed to dispute an allegation. To learn more about your legal options click here.

The two most common college crimes are Underage Drinking and Public Drunkenness cases. Since these matters are summary offenses, you will receive a ticket in the mail or at the scene citing you with the charges. There is a timeframe in which you must plead guilty or not guilty. Pleading not guilty permits you to have a court hearing (summary trial) scheduled. At that court date, it is typical that you will either have a trial or work out an agreement with the citing law enforcement officer. To learn more about your legal options click here.

Accidents caused by drunk and drugged drivers are a problem in Pennsylvania. According to the Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation, 9,380 alcohol-related accidents happened in the Commonwealth in 2019, resulting in the deaths of 299 people. Because of the dangers of drunk driving, the Commonwealth treats DUIs very seriously. If you are facing charges of drunk driving in Pennsylvania, you could lose your license, be sentenced to jail, or be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines. These potential penalties should make finding a good DUI defense lawyer a priority. DiCindio Law is prepared to fight for your rights while defending you against DUI charges. To learn more about your legal options click here.

Drug investigations may at times revolve around personal use, but other times, they may involve the intent to distribute.  In delivery cases, the government typically relies on evidence such as expert opinions, search warrant/court-ordered searches of communication devices, confidential informants, undercover officers, and potentially co-defendants.  Many of these types of evidence can be challenged.  For example, a confidential informant may be dishonest due to his/her need to “curry favor” (trying to help himself/herself in exchange for a lesser sentence or charge) with the government in his/her own case or a search warrant may be “stale” or “overbroad.”  In the case of smaller personal possession matters, diversionary/treatment courts may be an option to leave you without a conviction and to help you achieve sobriety. To learn more about your legal options click here.

Firearm offenses can occur in many situations. Often it is the intentional possession of a firearm when someone is not permitted to possess a firearm due to a disqualifier (i.e., prior criminal convictions in some circumstances). Other times, it is based on mistakes or accidents. For example, crossing a state line with a legally owned and possessed firearm not knowing your license wasn’t honored or that you needed one at all (very common from Delaware state into Pennsylvania) or that you unknowingly filled out a firearm purchase application inaccurately. With possessory offenses, there are often search and seizure matters that may provide an argument. In the application or licensing matters, there are often legal defenses, as well as the opportunity to provide information to the government showing that the matter should be withdrawn or negotiated to a drastically lower offense. To learn more about your legal options click here.

When you are injured by the negligence of others, it can have a lifelong impact to your quality and enjoyment of life. Once injured, it is important to secure counsel quickly in order to begin the process of preserving evidence relevant to your injury and to your case. Further, this will permit an attorney to be the individual interacting with the other party’s insurance carrier. You need to get better. You need to get the treatment needed in order to get you healthy once again. Having an attorney fighting for you allows you to focus on getting the compensation you deserve while you focus on the most important thing – your health.

If you have been injured and are unsure as to whether you have a claim of action and may be entitled to compensation, contact DiCindio Law today to discuss your case. Typically, when injured the main things that you may be entitled to are compensation for medical bills, loss of enjoyment of life, and for income you missed from not being able to work.

It is most common to be dealing with insurance companies when attempting to get just compensation for your injuries. With what seems like unlimited resources to defend the claim against you, it is crucial that you have a lawyer who knows the law and is ready to stand up and fight for you to help ensure the compensation is just. To learn more about your legal options click here.

There are times when you will be immediately arrested and charged with a sexual-related offense after it has been alleged. There are other times where law enforcement will engage in a long investigation before you are fully aware that you are a target or that you are to be charged. It is not uncommon that sex offense cases and cases of child pornography possession and distribution are investigated using covert investigatory tactics including wired phone calls from the alleged victim, search warrants/court orders, etc.

It is crucial that you do not speak over the phone to individuals who may be involved in the case or to anyone who has threatened you with prosecution or accused you of wrongdoing. These matters are sensitive and very serious – carrying heavy penalties and collateral consequences. The sooner you engage an attorney to navigate this system, defend your case, and insulate you from contact with law enforcement, the better. To learn more about your legal options click here.

Theft offenses can occur in a variety of circumstances. It may be in a retail setting, in a professional setting, in a fiduciary setting and more. Of great importance in theft cases are determining the correct and accurate value of the allegedly stolen property or funds and also understanding the factual circumstances and relationships between the parties. It is not uncommon that theft cases may be defensible when there is a misunderstanding as to the intent of the charged individual. Also, there are many times where a “theft” is not a theft at all and instead is a misunderstanding or a contractual dispute which would make the matter “civil” not criminal. Further, in the retail theft setting, it is important to have accurate information as to any potential prior retail thefts as this can increase the grading of the current offense. To learn more about your legal options click here.

Often, these are the most serious offenses that someone can be charged with. In the case of homicide and manslaughter, these cases typically involve death of an individual – unless you are charged with attempted homicide.  In the case of a serious robbery, there is typically a violent taking of property from another. With a burglary offense, there will be entry into someone’s home or business with the intent to commit a crime. When charged with one of these offenses, people will typically be facing the potential of lengthy prison sentences (life for homicide) and the possibility of being sentenced to state incarceration rather than county prison sentences or probation.

For all these violent crimes, there are numerous defenses available that must be explored and developed. Having an attorney involved in your defense immediately will permit strategy and defense theory to be developed before evidence and witnesses are no longer available, identifiable or able to be located. The government will put a large amount of resources into the prosecution of these cases – your attorney should do the same when trying to identify what, if any, viable defenses you may have. Violent crimes range in severity, complexity and consequence. The one thing each of the crimes listed below have in common is the fact that each has numerous defenses that are applicable, and an attorney who understands the law and is willing to investigate, study your case and fight aggressively for you is of utmost importance. To learn more about your legal options click here.

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