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Many people are injured in West Chester, Pennsylvania because of the negligent or wrongful acts of others each year. When injuries or fatalities are caused by the negligent actions of individuals or companies, the victims or their families may be entitled to file claims against those who are responsible so that they can be held accountable. Many types of accidents can form the basis for personal injury claims. These are legal claims that fall under tort law. Injury lawyers in Pennsylvania advocate for the rights of victims who have suffered losses because of the negligence of others. These types of cases are civil claims and have a lower burden of proof than criminal cases do since the defendants in injury claims do not face the potential of losing their freedom. The lower burden of proof means that plaintiffs in injury claims might hold defendants liable even if they are found not guilty in criminal cases that are filed by the state for the same incidents. At DiCindio Law, our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers dedicate themselves to protecting the rights of accident victims to recover monetary compensation for all of their losses.

Michael DiCindio is an experienced and skilled negotiator and litigator who understands the importance of his clients’ claims. To provide the best possible legal representation to his clients, he participates in continuing education and constantly monitors case law so that he remains current with any changes that occur. DiCindio Law has built a record of success for the victims of negligence. The attorneys at DiCindio Law know how to properly investigate claims and value them. As a former prosecutor, Michael DiCindio can put his vast trial and litigation experience to work when he investigates and prosecutes his clients’ cases.

The legal team at DiCindio Law starts working on our clients’ cases immediately. By conducting in-depth investigations and working with experts, we can identify all of the defendants who should be named in our clients’ lawsuits and ensure that all relevant evidence is identified and preserved. Because of our record of success, we have built a reputation for our hard work and dedication. Insurance companies often extend fair settlement offers to our clients instead of risking a loss at a jury trial.

The personal injury laws in Pennsylvania cover many different types of claims. Some of the personal injury cases that DiCindio Law accepts include all of the following:


Criminal Defense Attorney In West Chester, PA

People who face criminal charges in West Chester, Pennsylvania frequently do not know what to expect. They might worry about the potential for being sentenced to jail or prison and how a conviction might upend their lives. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you could potentially face a sentence to incarceration, stiff fines, and other criminal penalties. If you are convicted of a crime, you might also face ongoing stigma and encounter other problems in your life. Many people who have criminal records have trouble being approved for apartments or being hired for jobs. Certain types of criminal convictions may also make you ineligible for federal student aid to pursue higher education.

All criminal charges should be taken seriously. As soon as you can after you have been charged with a crime, you should contact DiCindio Law to schedule a consultation. When you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer early in your case, your attorney will have more time to investigate what happened and to build the strongest possible defense case for you. Working with the right defense attorney can also help to keep you from making mistakes that could harm your defense case. As a former criminal prosecutor and an experienced defense lawyer, Michael DiCindio has a blend of experience and legal skills that are needed to defend against all types of criminal charges. He has substantial trial experience and is unafraid to aggressively litigate for his clients.

When people retain an attorney from DiCindio Law for help with criminal charges, we review and analyze all of the evidence that the prosecution is using against our clients. We also use investigators to find witnesses and evidence to help our clients in their cases. In many cases, we can identify errors that the police have made in how they have conducted their investigations, gathered evidence, and made arrests. When we find constitutional problems with the work of law enforcement, we file evidentiary motions to try to have some of the evidence declared inadmissible.

DiCindio Law accepts all types of criminal cases, including the following:

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Whether you have suffered serious injuries because of someone else’s negligence or are facing criminal charges, you should hire an experienced attorney to handle your claim. Contact DiCindio Law today to schedule a consultation by calling us at 610.430.3535.

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