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Some Telford, Pennsylvania residents are seriously injured in accidents that are caused by other people. When an injury accident results from the negligence of people, governmental entities, or private companies, the injured victims may recover damages by filing personal injury claims against the responsible parties. Pennsylvania’s tort laws recognize the rights of victims who have been injured by others to be compensated for their resulting losses. Injury lawyers in Pennsylvania represent negligence victims and negotiate with insurance companies to secure the compensation that they deserve. The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at DiCindio Law can evaluate your claim and discuss your legal options with you. We have helped many of our clients to recover compensation for their losses and are prepared to help you evaluate the merits of your case.

To help our clients to build successful claims, we thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances of what happened in the moments leading up to their accidents. This helps us to make liability determinations and identify all of the parties that might have been at fault. When multiple responsible parties are identified, our clients may have more recovery sources so that their compensation amounts might be maximized.

We take a comprehensive approach to every client’s case. Our approach and legal skills have led us to develop a reputation in the legal community as fierce advocates for our clients. We have won numerous settlements for our clients and are prepared to fight for them at trial.

We handle all of the following personal injury matters:


Criminal Defense Attorney In Telford, PA

Police officers arrest and charge people in Telford, Pennsylvania every month. Law enforcement officers are tasked with investigating crimes and enforcing the laws. When people are charged with committing crimes, they are frequently concerned about the future and what it might hold for them. Following an arrest, you should assert your rights to remain silent and to have an attorney represent you. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer to handle your case is important. A good criminal defense attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

At DiCindio Law, our firm is helmed by Michael DiCindio. Mr. DiCindio gained significant litigation and trial experience when he worked as a prosecutor. This experience provides him with knowledge about the methods that police and prosecutors use when they prosecute people for crimes. Mr. DiCindio can review his clients’ cases critically to determine the likely approaches that the prosecutors might take so that he can build defenses that can lead to better outcomes. Because of his skill as a trial lawyer, prosecutors frequently agree to make reasonable plea offers to his clients to resolve the charges against them. Mr. DiCindio is also unafraid to fight for his clients at trials before judges and juries when doing so is in his clients’ interests.

When you retain DiCindio Law to represent you in your criminal case, we will immediately get to work. We will analyze all of the evidence against you carefully. This helps us to find problems with the state’s case that we can use in your defense. In some cases, we find that the police officers have made mistakes in how they gathered evidence and completed their investigations. When this happens, we file motions with the court asking for some or all of the evidence to be suppressed. Winning at a motion hearing can result in a dismissal of all of the charges against our clients when the prosecutor cannot use some of the evidence that has been collected.

Our criminal defense team advocates for people who are facing all of the following types of charges:

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Managing your recovery from a serious accident or being charged with a crime can upend your life. You should seek representation from a qualified attorney at DiCindio Law as soon as possible. Call 610-430-3535 today to schedule an appointment.

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Need to Chat About Your Case?
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