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Some Penn Wynne, Pennsylvania residents are injured in accidents each year. When people, companies, or governmental entities cause accidents and injuries, the accident victims are entitled to try to recover damages for their losses. The rights of negligence victims to recover compensation from the responsible parties are recognized under Pennsylvania law. Getting help from Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers might make it likelier that victims will receive monetary damages that fully pay for their losses. It is important to work with the right injury lawyers in Pennsylvania. DiCindio Law has extensive experience in representing accident victims and is prepared to fight for you.

Michael DiCindio carefully investigates all of his clients’ accident claims. This helps him to find important evidence to demonstrate the liability of the defendants. When Mr. DiCindio is able to present clear cases of liability to the insurance companies, they frequently agree to make fair settlement offers to our clients. To achieve these outcomes, DiCindio Law works with many different types of experts and investigators when we build our clients’ cases. Preparing all of our cases like they are headed to trial helps us to resolve a majority of them through settlement agreements. However, Mr. DiCindio is willing to fight for his clients before juries when the insurance companies refuse to agree to fair settlement amounts.

The approach that we take to our clients’ cases has allowed us to build a successful record. Our strong reputation as fierce advocates for our clients helps us to recover maximum compensation on their behalf. We are compassionate and dedicated representatives for our clients and believe that all negligence victims deserve to be made whole after their accidents.

There are many different types of personal injury claims, and we represent victims in all of the following types of cases:


Criminal Defense Attorney In Penn Wynne, PA

In Penn Wynne, Pennsylvania, people are arrested and charged with crimes every year. While criminal charges are not evidence that you committed a crime, a conviction for a misdemeanor or felony offense could result in a loss of your freedom and heavy fines. The criminal defense team at DiCindio Law believes that the state should always be held to its burden of proof and works to build vigorous defenses against the charges that our clients face.

DiCindio Law was founded by Michael DiCindio, who worked as a prosecutor before he became a defense attorney. Mr. DiCindio’s prosecutorial experience gives him a good understanding of the way in which the police and prosecutors perform their jobs. When he analyzes evidence, he tries to view it from the perspective of a prosecutor so that he can anticipate the arguments that might be made against his clients. This helps him to determine the best defensive strategies to use for his clients.

When DiCindio Law is retained to represent someone who is facing criminal charges, we carefully review all of the evidence. We hire investigators to find and interview witnesses so that we can gain a better understanding of all of the facts and circumstances of what happened. We never accept police reports at face value. Instead, we dig deeper to find problems with the state’s cases against our clients. When the police have violated our clients’ constitutional rights in their stops, seizures, or searches, we fight for some of the evidence to be suppressed at motions hearings. If we succeed at a motions hearing, the prosecutor may have no other choice than to dismiss our client’s case.

The legal team at DiCindio Law represents people who are charged with all levels of offenses. We accept all of the following types of criminal matters:

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Suffering serious injuries or facing criminal charges can be a life-changing experience. If you are dealing with one of these types of situations, you should get legal help as soon as possible. DiCindio Law can fight for your rights and is available to talk to you about your case. Contact us today by filling out our online contact form or by calling us at 610.430.3535.

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