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Criminal Law

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When your reputation and liberty are at risk, these are the words you want to hear when someone describes your Chester County criminal defense lawyer.  Michael D. DiCindio, Esq. lives by these words and has the experience in Chester County and the surrounding areas, needed to fight for you in one of the most crucial times you or a loved one will face.  Criminal law is complex – you need experience and knowledge.

Being accused of a crime is a serious matter.  A criminal conviction can have a profound impact on an individual and his/her liberty, finances, employment, and reputation.  No two criminal cases are the same.  Each comes with its own set of criminal charges, possible defenses, legal issues and possible punishments – among many other things.  It is crucial to have a criminal defense attorney who is willing to work to explore all of your options and to honestly evaluate and advise you on what is best for your specific circumstance.  Furthermore, your lawyer must be ready to take your case to trial and challenge the Commonwealth’s evidence before a Judge or a jury.

As a former Chester County prosecutor, Michael understands the vast amount of resources that the government’s attorney has at his/her disposal.  Now, he has been using that experience to benefit his clients as a criminal defense attorney.  Michael is dedicated to making his experience work for you in your time of need.  He is an attorney who works tirelessly for his clients – their needs, their case and their rights.

Chester County DUI/Drunk Driving Offenses.

A criminal accusation in Chester County can have harsh consequences.  Whether it is a traffic ticket, a DUI, or an even a more serious violent offense, you need an attorney who understands the Chester County justice system and who is ready and willing to devote the time and effort needed to secure the best result in your criminal case.  Mike DiCindio is an attorney devoted to doing just that.

Once accused of a crime, there are numerous stages of the criminal process and procedure.  While they may vary in implementation from one county to another, you need an attorney who understands the process and what is important at each stage after a criminal accusation is made.  Be it at the preliminary hearing, where your criminal attorney has an opportunity to cross-examine government witnesses in a limited manner; in pre-trial motions, where your criminal attorney can argue Constitutional violations on your behalf; or trial, where your attorney presents a defense on your behalf and holds the Commonwealth’s attorney to his/her burden – you need a criminal defense lawyer who is able to correctly and professionally address each step of the defense to your criminal charge.

Often times, the key to a successful defense in a criminal case is understanding what the government’s evidence or theory of guilt will be – given a certain body of evidence.  As your criminal attorney and as a former Chester County Assistant District Attorney, Mike DiCindio has the knowledge and experience to understand how the government will likely proceed and prepare a defense that is appropriate.


Once an individual stands accused of a criminal offense in Chester County, whether DUI, rape or any other crime, the criminal defense attorney must begin preserving evidence, witness statements, and the client’s Constitutional rights.  There is no time to waste.

When you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you want a criminal defense attorney who is going to focus his attention on your case, not one who will pass your case off to an associate and not become invested in your defense strategy.  All too often, this is the case.  With Mike DiCindio, you will get the individualized attention that is needed to defend a criminal case.  Mike personally will handle your case – every aspect of it.  He will know you and what makes your case different from any other case, and you will have comfort in knowing that all of your communications with your attorney – will be with your attorney.

This website is meant to give the viewer an overview of the criminal justice system, in Chester County as well as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Still, it is not meant to be, nor is it, a substitute for retaining a criminal defense attorney who can assess your case and prepare a thorough defense to criminal charges.

Michael will be there for you – day or night.  He will fight for you.  Call DiCindio Law, speak directly with Michael, and schedule your free consultation.


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Need to Chat About Your Case?
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