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When serious injuries are caused to people in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania because of the negligent conduct of others, the victims are entitled to recover monetary damages to cover their losses. Under Pennsylvania law, plaintiffs can pursue compensation from the defendants who recklessly or wrongfully caused their injuries. Working with skilled Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers can help victims to receive full compensation for their losses. Injury lawyers in Pennsylvania are not all equal, however. Choosing an attorney at a law firm with a proven track record for injury victims is important. While a lawyer cannot guarantee an outcome, experienced attorneys are more likely to recover fair compensation for their clients. DiCindio Law has established itself as a team of strong representatives for the victims of negligence, and we are prepared to fight for you to recover the maximum amount of compensation to which you should be entitled.

We use a comprehensive approach to our clients’ cases by starting with a thorough investigation. By understanding all of the circumstances that contributed to the cause of an accident, we can determine liability for our clients. As a part of our approach, we often hire experts and investigators. This helps us to present stronger cases to insurance companies, making it likelier that they will agree to fair settlements for our clients’ claims.

As a trial and litigation practice, DiCindio Law has developed a sound reputation in the legal community. The various insurance companies and defense bar are familiar with our work and often agree to settle our clients’ claims instead of fighting against us at trial.

DiCindio Law accepts a large variety of personal injury claims, including the following:


Criminal Defense Attorney In Gilbertsville PA

When people are arrested in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, the experience can be overwhelming. Misdemeanor and felony charges can both result in jail or prison sentences if people are convicted. When you are arrested, you should not agree to answer questions other than giving your identifying information. Instead, you should assert your constitutional rights to remain silent and to have an attorney represent you. This can prevent you from making statements that the police can use against you in your criminal case. An experienced criminal defense attorney at DiCindio Law can represent you in court and help you to determine the right defenses to raise.

Michael DiCindio has experience handling felony and misdemeanor cases. In his previous career as a prosecutor, he prosecuted all levels of crimes. He brings the knowledge he gained in his prosecutorial work with him to his work as a defense lawyer. He understands how prosecutors view criminal matters and uses that knowledge to create great defenses to the charges against his clients. When he accepts a new client, Mr. DiCindio carefully reviews all of the evidence to identify the available defenses and any problems that the prosecutor has with the case. Mr. DiCindio believes that prosecutors should be held to their burdens of proof and works to protect his clients.

The approach that we take at DiCindio Law to our clients’ cases is careful and comprehensive. We do not take the statements that police make at face value. Instead, we investigate cases to find evidence that helps our clients’ defense cases. When police officers have unconstitutionally gathered evidence, we challenge its admissibility by filing motions to suppress. Winning a suppression motion can force the prosecutor to dismiss the charges because of not having enough evidence to meet his or her burden of proof.

DiCindio Law accepts cases for people who are facing any of the following charges:

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Recovering from serious injuries or facing criminal charges can be scary. Retaining an experienced attorney can help you to navigate through your case and all of the legal processes that are involved. Contact DiCindio Law to ask for an evaluation of your claim and your rights by calling us at 610.430.3535 or by filling out our online contact form.

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Need to Chat About Your Case?
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