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People in Hatboro, Pennsylvania who are injured in accidents that are the fault of other people, companies, or governmental entities may face substantial expenses combined with extensive losses. People who are injured through the fault of others are entitled to seek the recovery of damages through personal injury claims. Finding the right injury lawyers in Pennsylvania to help with your claim might make the difference in the amount that you ultimately recover. At DiCindio Law, our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers are experienced legal professionals who understand how to present clear cases of liability for our clients. This helps us to convince insurance companies to offer settlements that fairly compensate our clients for the harm that they have suffered.

The founder and principal attorney of DiCindio Law, Michael DiCindio believes that people who are injured because of the conduct of others deserve to be made whole. A former prosecutor, Mr. DiCindio understands how to properly investigate claims and find evidence to support his clients’ arguments. As a personal injury lawyer, Mr. DiCindio brings a blend of strong litigation, investigation, and negotiation skills to help his clients to maximize their chances of success. When it is necessary, he retains medical and financial experts and investigators to gain a better understanding of what happened and to develop a story that insurance companies and juries can understand.

One of the first things that you should do after receiving medical treatment for your injuries is to consult with a lawyer at DiCindio Law. Insurance companies frequently try to approach accident victims before they have a chance to hire attorneys to try to take advantage of the unequal power structure and reduce the amounts that they might have to pay out on claims. When you work with us, we will give you and your case our full attention and handle the communication with the insurance company and defense lawyers for you. We can also help to ensure that you file your claim on time so that your ability to recover will not be time-barred.

At DiCindio Law, we accept all of the following types of personal injury cases:


Criminal Defense Attorney In Hatboro, PA

Law enforcement authorities in Hatboro, Pennsylvania are tasked with enforcing the state’s criminal laws. As a part of their duties, they arrest and charge many people with crimes each year. If you have been arrested for an alleged crime, you might be confused by the criminal court process and unsure of what you should do. It is a good idea for you to retain a criminal defense attorney at DiCindio Law as soon as possible after your arrest. Working with an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer at DiCindio Law can help you to understand the various hearings and phases of a criminal case so that you will know what to expect. A lawyer might also help to prevent you from making errors that could hurt your ability to defend against your charges.

Before he went into private practice as a criminal defense attorney, Michael DiCindio gained criminal law experience by working as a prosecuting attorney. He has significant experience trying cases at all levels, ranging from misdemeanor offenses to serious felony matters. His background provides him with a unique perspective on how criminal cases are prosecuted. Because of this, he can work on defenses in anticipation of the typical arguments that the police and prosecutors raise in court. When Mr. DiCindio receives a new criminal case, he takes the time to fully review and analyze the reports and evidence that the state is using against his client. By doing this, Mr. DiCindio can determine the types of defense strategies that might be appropriate.

When you retain DiCindio Law for help with your criminal matter, you can expect to work with a compassionate and dedicated lawyer. We will help you to understand your charges, the potential penalties, and the best approaches to take. If the police committed mistakes in how they investigated your case and arrested you, our attorneys may file motions to challenge the admissibility of the evidence. This might leave the prosecutor with no other option than to dismiss your charges or make a favorable plea offer. Depending on the facts of your case, we may fight for your rights and take your case to trial.

DiCindio Law believes in the constitutional rights to a defense that all people have and represent people who are charged with the following criminal offenses:

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Suffering unexpected injuries because of someone else’s actions or facing criminal allegations can be life-changing. If you are facing one of these types of situations, you should get legal help from an attorney at DiCindio Law as soon as possible. Call 610.430.3535 to request a confidential consultation or submit your case details to us on our contact form.

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