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People suffer serious injuries in accidents in Harleysville, Pennsylvania every year. When people or entities negligently cause accidents that injure others, they may be liable to pay damages to the victims. The victims of negligence may suffer multiple economic and non-economic losses because of their injuries, and the law recognizes their rights to recover compensation from those who are responsible. Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers work to help injury accident victims to recover the compensation to which they should be entitled.

It is common for the insurers of at-fault parties to contact injury victims as soon as they are notified that accidents have occurred. Insurance adjusters might reach out to the victims and ask them to sign documents or give recorded statements about what happened to them. You should not agree to sign anything or talk about what happened in your accident before you talk to an experienced lawyer at DiCindio Law. The legal team at DiCindio Law knows the strategies that insurance companies use to try to avoid paying claims or to reduce the claim amounts. Statements that you make can be used against you in your claim, so it is best to hire an attorney and allow him or her to handle the communications for you while you recover from your injuries.

When you hire an attorney at DiCindio Law to represent you in your accident claim, we will begin working as soon as we receive your case. By getting an early start on our client’s cases, we are often able to uncover evidence and to find witnesses that could be lost. We approach each case as if it is headed to trial. However, we successfully settle a majority of our injury claims because of our strong reputation. Insurance companies are aware of our successful record for our clients and often extend reasonable offers to settle our clients’ cases instead of taking them to trial.

At DiCindio Law, we accept all of the following types of injury claims:


Criminal Defense Attorney In Harleysville, PA

For people who live in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, being accused of a crime can be one of the scariest experiences they might face. When people are accused of committing crimes, they commonly worry about the potential that they will spend time in prison or jail. This concern is warranted since both misdemeanor and felony convictions carry potential jail or prison sentences, fines, and other serious penalties. It is important to take criminal charges seriously and to begin working on your defense as early as possible. Retaining a lawyer from DiCindio Law is an important first step to fighting against the charges that have been filed against you.

DiCindio Law is led by Michael DiCindio, an experienced criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. Mr. DiCindio has amassed substantial trial experience and has represented clients who are charged with all levels of offenses. He understands the high stakes that are involved for people who are facing charges, and he is dedicated to protecting their freedom and rights. He uses his experience as a former prosecutor to help him to determine the likely arguments that might be raised in court by the prosecutor. This helps him to craft better defense strategies for his clients.

Whenever a new client retains DiCindio Law for help on a criminal case, we get started immediately. We carefully analyze the police reports and evidence that the prosecutor is using to prosecute our clients. While we are reviewing the evidence, we look for signs that the police might have made mistakes in how they completed their investigations, gathered evidence, and made arrests. When we find constitutional problems, we file motions asking for the court to suppress any evidence that was gathered unlawfully. Winning a motions hearing may result in reduced charges or an agreement from the prosecutor to dismiss the case against our client. Whether we are negotiating with the prosecutor to secure a better deal or fighting for our clients before juries, our goal is always to secure the best outcome possible under the facts.

The criminal law team at DiCindio Law handles a broad variety of criminal matters, including all of the following:

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Serious personal injury accidents and criminal charges can be devastating to people. If you are suffering from serious injuries because of the actions of someone else or have been charged with a crime, you should schedule a consultation with DiCindio Law. Call us today at 610.430.3535 or submit your information by using our online contact form.

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