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In East Caln Township, Pennsylvania, injury accidents leave people facing ongoing health problems each year. If you suffered serious injuries because of the negligence of someone else, filing a personal injury claim might allow you to recover monetary compensation for your losses. Negligence occurs when someone owes a duty to behave reasonably and violates that duty, causing an accident, injuries, and harm to someone else. To succeed in a personal injury claim, you will have to prove the defendant’s negligence by a preponderance of the evidence. Proving negligence in a personal injury claim is not always a straightforward process. Many personal injury cases are complex and require the help of experienced injury lawyers in Pennsylvania. At DiCindio Law, our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers understand the types of evidence to present to prove the elements of negligence, and we are dedicated legal representatives who strive to make our clients whole again.

DiCindio Law has established a record of success in recovering settlements for our clients. Michael DiCindio uses his experience as a prosecutor to help him when he investigates and prosecutes his clients’ injury claims. We believe that all people who have been injured because of the negligent or wrongful actions of others should be fully compensated for their non-economic and economic losses.

When you retain an attorney at DiCindio Law you will have a fierce advocate fighting for your recovery rights. We immediately begin investigating our clients’ cases to uncover evidence and to find witnesses. When we need to do so, we hire experts and investigators to build the strongest possible cases of liability for our clients. Hiring a lawyer soon after your injury accident can help to find and preserve relevant evidence before it can be lost.

We represent people in a wide variety of personal injury cases, including the following:


Criminal Defense Attorney In East Caln Township, PA

Facing criminal charges in East Caln Township, Pennsylvania can be a frightening experience. Most people who are charged with crimes worry about what will happen to them. Going through the criminal court process can also be daunting and confusing. You might not understand the various proceedings and what they might mean for your case. When you retain a lawyer at DiCindio Law, we can help you to understand the options that you might have in your case and help you to know what is happening at each phase of your case.

Facing any criminal charge could potentially result in a loss of freedom. Both misdemeanors and felonies carry the potential for time in jail or prison. If you are convicted of a crime, you might also be assessed substantial fines, criminal restitution, probation, community service hours, and other penalties. People who have professional licenses could lose them after they are convicted of crimes. Many people who have criminal convictions also struggle to find jobs and apartments, and they may have problems in the relationships that they have with other people.

At DiCindio Law, we believe that people who have been charged with crimes have the right to present the strongest defense cases possible. We vigorously defend our clients and work to secure the best outcomes for their cases. After you have been charged with a crime, you should retain an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. You should never think that a criminal charge is not serious. Convictions can have serious repercussions and permanently impact your life. Michael DiCindio understands how to fight for his clients. He is a former prosecutor who has inside knowledge about how the police and prosecutors approach their cases, and he is prepared to fight for his clients.

DiCindio Law understands the serious nature of criminal cases and starts working as soon as we are retained. When we need to do so, we hire investigators and experts to help us build the best possible defense cases for our clients. We try to find mitigating evidence and witnesses that can help our clients, and we carefully review all of the evidence the prosecution is using to identify problems with the state’s case against our clients. We are often able to convince the prosecutors to extend fair offers, and we are prepared to fight for our clients at bench or jury trials when necessary.

We represent people who are facing all types of criminal charges, including the following offenses:

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If you are facing criminal charges or are the victim of negligence, you should consult with an experienced lawyer as soon as you can. Call DiCindio Law today at 610.430.3535 to learn more about the options that are available to you in your case.

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