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Personal Injury Attorneys In Birmingham Township, PA

Some Birmingham Township, Pennsylvania residents suffer serious injuries each year because of the negligence of others. When an accident results from negligence, the people who are injured might be able to recover damages from those who are responsible. A personal injury lawsuit is a way for the victims of negligence to hold the people or companies that caused their injuries accountable for their actions. Working with the experienced injury lawyers in Pennsylvania at DiCindio Law might increase the chances that people will prevail in their claims. An experienced injury accident lawyer might also help his or her clients to recover far more compensation than they otherwise might be able to recover without help. Personal injury law is complex and covers many types of accidents, and the Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at DiCindio Law have years of experience, legal education, and litigation and negotiation skills to help their clients to recover maximal compensation for their economic and non-economic injuries.

A former criminal prosecutor who amassed substantial trial experience, Michael DiCindio understands the proper way to investigate cases and uncover relevant evidence. He works to determine liability and to identify all of the parties who contributed to an accident’s cause. By identifying more potential recovery sources, Mr. DiCindio is frequently able to secure settlement offers that fully compensate his clients for their losses. However, when an insurance company refuses to extend a fair settlement offer, he is prepared to litigate for his clients through jury trials to try to help them recover the compensation to which they should be entitled.

When accident victims retain DiCindio Law, our legal team gets started on their cases immediately. We work closely with experts and investigators to prove the liability of the defendants. When people retain an attorney at DiCindio Law soon after an accident occurs, we move quickly to find evidence and witnesses that might otherwise be lost over time. The thorough preparation that we engage in for each client has helped our attorneys to build a record of successful results for our clients. We have earned a reputation as a dedicated team of strong advocates for the victims of accidents. We believe that people who have been injured because of the negligent actions of others should be fairly compensated for their losses and made whole again. We are prepared to work as hard as we can to help our clients to recover compensation so that they can move forward with their lives.

DiCindio Law handles many different types of injury claims, including all of the following:


Criminal Defense Attorney In Birmingham Township, PA

Facing criminal charges in Birmingham Township, Pennsylvania can be highly disconcerting for most people. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you are likely concerned about your future. The criminal process can also be confusing and working with an experienced criminal defense lawyer at DiCindio Law can help you to understand what to expect at every phase of your case. Misdemeanor and felony convictions can result in severe penalties, including jail or prison time, heavy fines, and other penalties. If you are convicted as you have been charged, you might also face ongoing collateral consequences that could impact every aspect of your life long after you have completed your sentence. Many people who have criminal records have difficulty finding housing and jobs and obtaining credit. They might also experience problems in their relationships with their friends and family members and have trouble securing professional licenses.

Retaining an experienced criminal defense lawyer should be one of the first steps that you take after you have been charged with a crime. Regardless of the level of the offense, a criminal charge should be taken seriously. An experienced defense attorney at DiCindio Law might help you to secure the best possible resolution to your charges and potentially help you to avoid jail or prison time. Michael DiCindio is a former criminal prosecutor who uses the experience and knowledge that he gained while working in that capacity to enable him to build strong defenses to the charges against his clients.

When a defendant retains a lawyer at DiCindio Law, the attorney immediately starts working to identify defenses. We work with investigators and experts to help us understand all of the circumstances and facts that occurred so that we can better identify the potential defenses to raise. We carefully analyze all of the documents, reports, lab analyses, and other evidence that the state uses against our clients. In many cases, we can find errors that the police have made that allow us to challenge some of the evidence against our clients.

The legal team at DiCindio Law represents people who have been charged with all levels of misdemeanors and felonies, including the following:

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If you have suffered injuries because of negligence or are facing criminal charges, you should talk to an experienced lawyer at DiCindio Law as soon as possible. Contact us today at 610.430.3535 to schedule a consultation.

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