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Each year in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, some people are seriously injured in accidents that were caused by others. When accidents are caused by negligence, the victims may be entitled to compensation for their economic and noneconomic losses that result. Filing a personal injury claim also might provide negligence victims with a way to hold the defendants accountable for their wrongful actions. People who are seriously injured may benefit from working with experienced injury lawyers in Pennsylvania. With an experienced attorney’s help, an accident victim may recover substantially more compensation than he or she might receive if the victim attempts to handle the claim on his or her own. Personal injury law is a broad area of civil law and applies to many different types of accidents and injuries. Since they are civil claims, personal injury lawsuits may be filed against the responsible parties even if criminal cases are pending against them for the same conduct. Filing a personal injury case with the help of the Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at DiCindio Law might help you to hold the defendant accountable for his or her actions even if he or she is found not guilty in his or her criminal case.

Michael DiCindio previously worked as a criminal prosecutor before he went into private practice. His work as a prosecutor helped him to gain significant trial experience. He applies the methods he learned while working as a prosecutor to complete thorough investigations of his clients’ cases. This helps him to identify all of the contributing factors that resulted in an accident and the various parties that should be named as defendants. Correctly identifying all of the parties who contributed to the cause of an accident helps DiCindio Law to secure maximal compensation for many clients.

When DiCindio Law accepts a case, the members of our legal team immediately get to work. We use investigators and experts to help us build clear cases of liability for our clients. When we receive a personal injury case soon after a client’s accident happened, it is likelier that we will be able to find witnesses and preserve evidence before they are lost over time. Our aggressive and thorough approach to our clients’ cases has helped us to establish a strong reputation in the legal community as fierce advocates for our clients. DiCindio Law’s reputation and successful track record are known by the insurance companies and defense bar. This helps us to secure more favorable outcomes for our clients since the insurance companies frequently agree to extend fair settlement offers to our clients instead of risking a loss at a jury trial.
DiCindio Law can negotiate great settlement offers in a majority of our clients’ cases. In situations in which an insurance company makes an unreasonably low offer, we are prepared to engage in the formal litigation process through the court system.

DiCindio Law represents clients in all of the following types of injury claims:


Criminal Defense Attorney In Berwyn, PA

Many people in Berwyn, Pennsylvania are charged with crimes each year. Facing criminal charges can be a highly stressful experience for most people. In many cases, people who are charged with crimes find the criminal process daunting and scary. They might be confused by what is occurring while being fearful of what might happen to them in the future. Both misdemeanor and felony charges can potentially result in long sentences to jail or prison, heavy fines, and many other criminal punishments. A criminal conviction can also cause other consequences, including a job loss, trouble finding new employment, difficulty being approved for housing, and relationship problems.

If you are facing a criminal charge, you should retain an experienced defense lawyer as quickly as possible. No matter the level of the offense you are facing, you should take a criminal charge seriously. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side might help you to achieve a more favorable resolution to your criminal case. Michael DiCindio at DiCindio Law is a former prosecutor who knows how the state prosecutes cases. This helps him to anticipate the state’s arguments and build an effective defense to the charges against his clients.

DiCindio Law works with experts and investigators to understand the facts and circumstances surrounding the events that resulted in criminal charges. All of the evidence and reports are reviewed and analyzed to identify the defenses that might be raised. DiCindio Law looks for problems with how the police investigated their cases and files motions to suppress evidence when it was collected illegally.

DiCindio Law represents people who have been charged with misdemeanors and felonies, including all of the following crimes:

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If you have been seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence or have been charged with a crime, getting help from an experienced attorney is important. Call DiCindio Law to schedule a consultation at 610.430.3535.

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