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In Audubon, Pennsylvania, many people are injured or killed in accidents every year. While some of these accidents are not the fault of others, some accidents are caused by the reckless, negligent, or wrongful actions of other people or entities. When people or entities negligently cause injuries to others, they may be liable to pay damages to cover the losses of the victims. Negligence victims are entitled to recover damages for the economic and non-economic losses that they suffer because of the negligence of others. Injury lawyers in Pennsylvania represent people who have been injured because of the conduct of others. The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at DiCindio Law are dedicated to protecting the rights of negligence victims to recover full compensation for all of their losses after accidents.

DiCindio Law has helped many accident victims to recover compensation for their losses through settlements and verdicts. We have an excellent track record for our clients and have earned a reputation for being strong advocates for our clients. We work hard on every client’s case to try to secure the most compensation possible under the facts and circumstances. Our reputation within the legal community leads many insurers to choose to offer fair settlements to our clients instead of taking their cases to trial. However, we are willing to fight for our clients at trial when an insurer fails to offer a fair settlement amount.

Michael DiCindio has a background has a criminal prosecutor, which helps him to investigate and build strong cases for his clients. His philosophy is that all people who are seriously injured by others deserve to be made whole, and he is a passionate advocate for his clients. DiCindio Law hires investigators and different types of experts to build the strongest cases of liability for our clients. When we present our cases and evidence to the insurance companies and defense lawyers, we frequently are able to resolve our clients’ cases in their favor.

Personal injury law encompasses many types of claims. DiCindio Law accepts all of the following personal injury matters:


Criminal Defense Attorney In Audubon, PA

Police officers in Audubon, Pennsylvania charge many people with crimes every year. Some of these offenses are minor misdemeanor cases, and others are serious felonies. No matter what charges you might be facing, it is critical for you to take them seriously. Being convicted of a crime can result in serious consequences and criminal penalties, including incarceration, fines, restitution, and others. If you have a conviction on your record, you might be prevented from obtaining professional licenses or security clearances. In some cases, people who have criminal records have trouble being approved for leases and credit.

Fighting against criminal charges should begin with hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney. Michael DiCindio with DiCindio Law is a former prosecutor and highly skilled defense lawyer who has handled criminal matters at all offense levels. His knowledge of how the police and prosecutors work their cases provides him with an important insight into the possible moves that the prosecutor might make in his clients’ cases. This helps him to anticipate arguments and craft better defenses to the charges for his clients.

When you retain DiCindio Law to handle your criminal case, your lawyer will begin investigating what happened immediately. We work with experts and investigators to help us to uncover critical evidence and witnesses that might help our clients. Mr. DiCindio carefully reviews the evidence that the state uses against his clients to determine the best defense strategies to use. In some cases, he finds that the police have made mistakes in how they investigated their cases. When this happens, Mr. DiCindio may file motions to ask the court to suppress some of the evidence. Prosecutors cannot use evidence that the court has suppressed against our clients. If we win at a motions hearing, the prosecutor may be forced to greatly reduce the charges or dismiss them.

DiCindio Law represents people who have been charged with all of the following types of crimes:

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Whether you have been seriously injured or charged with a crime, the situation may be very stressful. Working with an experienced attorney at DiCindio Law might help to alleviate some of the stress and allow you to achieve a better outcome in your case. Contact us today by filling out our contact form or calling us at 610.430.3535.

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