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Being injured in an accident in Ambler, Pennsylvania can change your life. You may be left to contend with disabling injuries together with staggering expenses and income losses. While some accidents are no one’s fault, others happen because of the reckless or negligent conduct of other people, companies, or governmental entities. People who are the victims of the negligent acts of others are entitled to recover monetary damages for their losses under Pennsylvania’s tort laws. The type of attorneys who represent negligence victims are Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers. When you have been injured, finding the right injury lawyers in Pennsylvania to handle your claim is important. An experienced attorney at DiCindio Law may increase the likelihood of success with your claim so that you can receive fair compensation for the losses that you have suffered because of your accident.

DiCindio Law was founded by Michael DiCindio, an experienced attorney and former prosecutor. During the years that he spent working as a prosecuting attorney, Mr. DiCindio regularly fought for the rights of crime victims to hold the people responsible accountable for their actions. He brings this same focus to his practice of civil tort law on behalf of his clients. Mr. DiCindio uses his legal knowledge, litigation skills, and negotiating abilities to obtain awards for his clients. Mr. DiCindio’s skills and hard work for his clients has helped DiCindio Law to develop an excellent reputation in the legal community for our advocacy for our clients.

When you are injured in an accident because of someone else’s actions, your priority should be to seek medical attention. This can help you to improve your ability to recover from your injuries and to demonstrate that your accident caused them. After you have received medical care, you should schedule a consultation with DiCindio Law. Do not sign any documents sent to you by the at-fault party’s insurance company or agree to provide a recorded statement about what happened without speaking to an attorney first. Insurance companies use the information that they can gather from accident victims to hurt their claims and their ability to recover damages.

All of the following types of injury claims are accepted for representation by the legal team at DiCindio Law:


Criminal Defense Attorney In Ambler, PA

If you are arrested for a crime in Ambler, Pennsylvania, you might not know what to do. Some people try to ignore the fact that they have been charged with crimes, hoping that everything will go away. No matter their level, criminal charges should always be treated seriously. Misdemeanor and felony offenses in Pennsylvania both carry serious penalties, including the potential for incarceration and stiff fines. Criminal cases are especially serious because they can result in a loss of the defendants’ freedom if they are convicted. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney at DiCindio Law should be one of the first things that you do after you have been accused of a crime.

Michael DiCindio previously worked as a prosecuting attorney, prosecuting crimes at every level. This background allowed him to build substantial trial experience. He knows the approaches that law enforcement authorities and prosecutors take to criminal cases, which helps him to anticipate the steps that they might take in his clients’ cases. Mr. DiCindio can determine the best defense strategies to use for his clients under the facts and circumstances of what happened.

Every person who is accused of a crime has a constitutional right to defend himself or herself against the allegations. The legal team at DiCindio Law is dedicated to helping our clients to assert their constitutional rights and to securing outcomes that will be in their best interests. We thoroughly analyze and investigate all of the evidence against our clients and work to find mitigating evidence and helpful witnesses.

All of the following types of criminal matters are accepted by DiCindio Law:

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When you are facing criminal accusations or are dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury accident, you might not know what to do. DiCindio Law can analyze your case and discuss the legal options and remedies that might be available. Contact us today by filling out our contact form or calling us at 610.890.6928.

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Need to Chat About Your Case?
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