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Experience matters; DiCindio Law fights for your rights. With a single click, begin your defense against daunting charges. Gain an ally in court; we advocate tirelessly for your rights.

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DUI Offenses

Navigate the legal labyrinth of a DUI knowing it’s not the end. Minimize the risk of severe penalties with our seasoned DUI defense. Benefit from personalized strategies that significantly improve case outcomes.

Drug Crimes

Mitigate the severity of drug charges. Our attorneys adeptly navigate the nuances of controlled substance laws. Reduce potential penalties with our strategic, outcome-focused legal defense.

Violent Crimes

Skilled in handling assault to murder, justice becomes more accessible. Unwavering dedication to your defense ensures meticulous, robust representation.

Theft Crimes

Defend your future; experience counts in reducing theft-related consequences. Theft accusations need rock-solid legal experience and navigation. Our track record of experience will defend your rights.

Sex Crimes

DiCindio Law gives you a powerful defense against sex crime allegations. Navigate sensitive proceedings with our strategic, compassionate representation. Expert knowledge of sexual offense laws protects your rights vigorously.

Property Crimes

Bolster your property crime defense. Expertise in Pennsylvania property laws maximizes chances of a favorable outcome. Unmatched skill in evidence evaluation strengthens your stance against allegations.

Weapons Offenses

Tailored defenses tackle charges, aiming for case dismissals or reductions. Understanding of Pennsylvania weapons laws translates to robust client advocacy.

White Collar Crimes

Navigating white-collar crime defense, DiCindio Law has years of experience. Expert analysis of financial evidence aids in securing favorable outcomes. Their strategic defenses have reduced charges in numerous federal cases.

How Will a Criminal Lawyer Help Me After My Arrest in Pennsylvania?

We’ll thoroughly investigate your case to confirm whether the detention was legal. If you were arrested without the required probable cause by the police, we can challenge the arrest.

You have rights under the Constitution that protect you from various acts of law enforcement. The police don’t have a right to stop, question, or search you if they don’t have reasonable suspicion or probable cause. 

We’ll rely on your story. We’ll review the arrest records and all police reports to see if they messed up. 

Our meticulous probe reduces charges in most criminal cases. Let over a decade of criminal defense experience (and more as a prosecutor) work for you. Every case is a unique story. Let us help tell it in a way that creates the best defense for you.

Renowned experts contribute when needed, elevating your defense’s credibility and impact. Their testimony, deciphering intricacies, tilts the scale in most cases. Distinguished authorities meticulously dissect evidence. Each situation is unique. We’ll strategically determine what will work best for your defense. 

Our rigorous evidence challenge success rate speaks volumes. Tenaciously scrutinizing details, we work to dismantle each charge against you. We review each piece of evidence in detail.

We strive to hold the prosecution to their burden. Rest assured that we’ll always be upfront with you and let you know our honest, realistic assessment of what penalties you face. Our effective negotiation on your behalf can change your life.

Criminal Defense FAQ

Call DiCindio Law before you do anything else. The time immediately after you’re arrested is critical. You’re feeling anxious, and the officers and prosecutors will try to take advantage. Attorney Mike DiCindio is personally available 24/7 to take your call. He’s a former prosecutor, so who better to give you advice than someone who used to be on the other team?

It’s possible. Under Pennsylvania law, you can be apprehended without a warrant if the authorities see you commit a felony or misdemeanor. They can also take you into custody without a warrant if they have probable cause that you’ve committed certain transgressions. 

In some cases, yes. If you give permission, the officers don’t need a warrant. A recent change in the law requires them to have both probable cause to believe a crime has been committed and that there are circumstances requiring immediate action in order to look into your vehicle without a warrant. But, if those two factors exist, they can do it. They can also seize evidence that’s in plain view or within their reach during an arrest without a warrant.

Not necessarily. If you were taken into custody and questioned without being advised of your Miranda rights, statements you made to policemen aren’t admissible. We’ll certainly do everything we can to challenge any statements that the cops obtained illegally. Sometimes this can result in a dismissal, but it depends entirely on the content of the statements and the complete circumstances.

Yes and no. You should cooperate with the law enforcement officers in the sense that you shouldn’t be argumentative, resist detention, or do anything to elevate the situation. Remember, you’re probably on camera. Don’t make any admissions.


If you’re arrested, don’t say anything until you talk to your attorney. The state attorneys will tell you that if you cooperate early, you’ll get a better deal. They’ll try to tell you that once you lawyer up, it gets more complicated. 


And it does—for them. 


Any deal is going to affect your life. It’s an important decision. You need time to discuss all your legal options and consequences with someone who’s looking out for you. 

Absolutely. It’s in your best interest to have an attorney anytime you’re charged with a criminal transgression. Innocent people are wrongfully convicted all the time. Don’t let that be you. If the policemen and attorneys see that you’re not represented, they know they’ll have an easier time pinning the crime on you.

Even if guilty, a solid defense will help secure a more favorable outcome. Skilled representation is a wise investment. Click now for tailored, decisive legal advocacy—secure your future today.

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