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When people are involved in accidents in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, they might be left to face temporarily or permanently disabling injuries, mounting expenses, and substantial losses. Accidents that are the fault of others allow the victims to file personal injury claims to try to recover monetary damages to recoup some or all of their losses. If a negligent actor has caused your injuries, working with experienced personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania might help you to maximize your compensation amount. When you are searching for Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers, you should try to find an attorney with an excellent track record for accident victims. At DiCindio Law, we have recovered substantial amounts for our clients and are dedicated to helping accident victims who have been injured because of the actions of others to recover the compensation that they deserve.

A thorough investigation is a key factor in the strength of a personal injury claim. Investigating a case can help a lawyer to determine liability and identify all of the defendants who should be named in a lawsuit. Identifying several parties who contributed fault in an accident allows people to have more sources of recovery so that they might be fully compensated for their losses. At DiCindio Law, we take the time that we need to complete in-depth investigations to make our clients’ cases as strong as possible. We hire investigators and experts to help us to understand all of the causes of an accident so that we can present a compelling argument to the insurance companies about why they should offer fair settlements.

The careful approach that we take at DiCindio Law combined with our experience and skills has helped us to build a successful record and a solid reputation as compassionate and aggressive client advocates. Since insurance companies know that we are prepared to go to trial if necessary, they frequently agree to settle our clients’ cases instead of risking a loss at a jury trial.

DiCindio Law accepts many different types of injury claims, including the following:


Criminal Defense Attorney In Wyndmoor, PA

Some people in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania are arrested and charged with crimes by law enforcement officers. Having a criminal case filed against you can be overwhelming and leave you unsure of what to do. Taking your charges seriously is very important when you have been charged with a crime. If you are convicted of a criminal offense, you might be sentenced to serve a lengthy-term in jail or prison. The potential of facing harsh penalties upon a conviction should lead you to retain the best possible criminal defense lawyer that you can find. While a defense lawyer can never guarantee the outcome of a case, finding an attorney who has a good track record in his or her cases can help to improve your odds.

At DiCindio Law, we have a great record of success for people who have retained us to defend against criminal charges. We believe that all people who are charged with crimes have a constitutional right to a strong defense, and we work hard to hold the prosecutors and police to their constitutional burdens of proof. Michael DiCindio, our lead attorney, previously worked as a prosecuting attorney. This experience allowed him to gain substantial experience in how cases are investigated by the police. He can critically review the evidence and identify weaknesses in the state’s case so that he can craft the best defense strategies to take for his clients.

In some cases, the investigating officers cut corners and fail to investigate thoroughly enough to find mitigating evidence that weighs against our clients’ guilt. In others, some officers violate the constitutional rights of the people they arrest. When we find problems like these in our clients’ cases, we challenge the evidence and the officers in court. The prosecutors sometimes end up dismissing the cases against our clients because of the strength of our arguments.

DiCindio Law accepts criminal charges at all levels, including the following types of offenses:

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Serious accidents and criminal charges can both have a major impact on people’s lives. One of the first things that you should do if you are dealing with these types of situations is to get help from an experienced lawyer. Call DiCindio Law at 610.430.3535 or submit your information online through our online contact form.

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