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What Do I Need To Know About Slip And Fall / Premises Liability?

Hazardous conditions on a property can sometimes occur without warning. For example, a sinkhole could suddenly open and cause an accident without the property owner knowing about the potential danger. In other cases, property owners may be aware of a danger and choose to ignore it. When a property owner knows about a dangerous condition […]

Is There A Difference Between DUI And DWI In Pennsylvania?

In many cases in Pennsylvania, drivers who are charged with DUIs first realize that they are about to be arrested when police officers turn on their flashing lights to pull them over. The police officers may have pulled them over because they were weaving or speeding, or they may simply have had something wrong with […]

Is There A Statute Of Limitations For Filing A Personal Injury Claim in PA?

No matter what type of accident you might have had in which you were injured because of the actions of another person or entity, you might be considering filing a personal injury claim in Pennsylvania. If you decide to file a claim in the civil court system, it is important to understand the statute of […]

What Happens If I Violate My Probation Or Parole In PA?

If you receive a probationary sentence or are released from prison on parole in Pennsylvania, you will be able to be home with your family and to work instead of spending time behind bars. However, you will have to comply with all of the conditions of your probation or parole to avoid potentially being sent […]

Is a DUI a Felony or Misdemeanor In Pennsylvania?

Driving under the Influence charges are among the most common types of criminal offenses in Pennsylvania. While everyone makes mistakes, a DUI charge is not something that can be solved by paying a traffic citation and continuing on your way. Instead, a DUI charge is serious, exposing you to serious penalties. It is a good […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Drunk Driving in PA

At DiCindio Law, we receive many questions from people about DUI charges in Pennsylvania. To help you gain some answers to the questions that you might have, we have compiled the following list of the most frequently asked questions that we regularly receive. If I am convicted of a DUI, can I go to jail? […]

Why Not Having a DUI lawyer Could Cost You

While a charge of driving under the influence is a common offense, it is also very serious in Pennsylvania. Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs places the lives of the drivers and others around them at risk. Depending on your blood-alcohol concentration, criminal record, and other factors, you could potentially face jail, fines, community […]

What Is A Simple Assault?

In Pennsylvania, some types of altercations can result in criminal charges for simple assault. A conviction for simple assault can leave you with a criminal record and cause other serious consequences. If you have been charged with simple assault, it is a good idea for you to talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer at […]

What is the legal definition of murder?

In Pennsylvania, murder charges are the most serious types of charges that people might face. If you are accused of murder, you could face up to life in prison or capital punishment, depending on the type of murder you are accused of committing. Because of the serious nature of murder charges, it is crucial for […]

What Is Unlawful Contact with a Minor?

Technological advances over the past couple of decades have allowed federal and Pennsylvania authorities to expand the techniques that they can use to catch people who participate in sex crimes on the internet involving children. As these sting operations are depicted on television shows such as “To Catch a Predator,” it is clear to see […]